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* SykoFreud (~anders@oc12-1-oslo.nsn.no) has joined #rap
<SykoFreud> so uhm ... I am a producer from norway, and i am looking for good rappers.
<Kris81> word
<Kris81> shizzle mah nizzle let me drop this line for you foo
<pauze> hahaha
<Kris81> i make dem raps so good your pants be filled with goo
<pauze> bla bla bla bla
<pauze> ha ha ha ha
<pauze> im the best rapper out there
<pauze> LOL
<SykoFreud> I see.
* SykoFreud (~anders@oc12-1-oslo.nsn.no) has left #rap

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