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SA_Williamson> Hello, who is the owner of this channel?
* Knirch goes down for maintenance.
<SA_Williamson> !list
<SA_Williamson> ok
<SA_Williamson> just to let everyone know i have a federal supena
<SA_Williamson> and will be entering you fileservers lawfully
<Knirch> lol
* Knirch sets mode: +b *!*saw@*.lab.fbi.gov
* dgk2 sets mode: -b *!*saw@*.lab.fbi.gov
<dgk2> not a good idea
<dgk2> Knirch .
<dgk2> —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— Nick: SA_Williamson
<dgk2> > Address: saw@pc1xd3.lab.fbi.gov «Government»
<dgk2> > Name: fbi
<dgk2> > SA_Williamson is using modes +ix
<dgk2> > SA_Williamson is connecting from *@pc1xd3.lab.fbi.gov
<dgk2> > Channels: #tvseries
<dgk2> > Server: fla.us.atomicchat.net, Atomic-Chat
<dgk2> > Channels in common with SA_Williamson: #tvseries
<CJdude[20]> whoa
<SkRiBBleZ> ok that's not cool

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