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<01@peregrine> Then a great item, the 24 Hour Bukkake Semen of Moe Nishimura
<01@peregrine> -- poor Moe-chan has men blowing their wads on her as she goes about her
<01@peregrine> daily life, brushing her teeth, sleeping, going to the bathroom, and so on
<01@peregrine> dude that's bukkake i'd consider watching
<01@peregrine> the comedy
<01@chesed> I think that'd get annoying when you're doing your daily activies and random guys are blowing their load all over you
<01@chesed> it'd prolly be the worst day to do laundry
<01@chesed> "I just fucking cleaned that! FUCK!"
<01@peregrine> you'd need an allstar male crew
<01@peregrine> with precision aim
<01@chesed> haha
<01@chesed> matrix load-blowing
<01@peregrine> i'm just imagining like
<01@peregrine> guys hidden in the bushes and shit, as she walks by
<01@krelian> that's what happens in 24 hours bukakke
<01@krelian> they like bust out of the closet
<01@krelian> and it's a hit and run cum
* peregrine rolls
<01@spider-hime> hahah
<01@krelian> girl walks into the bathroom
<01@krelian> and dude blows his load
<01@peregrine> they need to just go all the way
<01@peregrine> and have some chick being tormented by a clan of bukkake ninjas
<01@krelian> *girl walks down street*
<01@krelian> *ninjas out of bushes*
<01@peregrine> hehe
<01@peregrine> totally
<01@krelian> *ninjas blow load*
<01@peregrine> then DISAPPEAR
<01@krelian> <girl> what the hell was that!
<01@spider-hime> STEALTH BUKKAKE
<01@krelian> *girl walks down street*
<01@krelian> <girl> omg it's raining
<01@Perrin> *camera pans to roof of building*

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