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<DJ> I like riding my dog after rain. Rain makes her frisky, so she's faster.
<DJ> ...riding my dog around the block.
<DJ> ...on a bike
<Jinjo_Eagle> ...
<DJ> Because it's faster, and she can keep up easier when she's frisky
<DJ> That first line came out all wrong
<Jinjo_Eagle> You can't make that look better.
<Jinjo_Eagle> Yes, yes it did, and there is nothing you can do about it.
<DJ> I don't walk my dog, I have the leash around my wrist as I ride my bike around the block!
<MewMewtwo45> Hehehe
<DJ> And my dog gets hyper after it has rained!
<Jinjo_Eagle> Okay, sure.
<DJ> :(
* Jinjo_Eagle pats DJ on the back

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